A Bit About Me:

I’m Alannah. A deep-feeling Enneagram 4 & INFJ, teacher, wife, maker, and follower of Jesus. I’ve been married to my husband Isaac for three years, and we’re expecting little #1 in August of 2019. We live a wonderfully simple life with our holland lop, cocker spaniel, and cat, and enjoy traveling when given the opportunity.

The When and Why of this Blog:

So how did my blog come to be? I first began to find my voice as a blogger as a young teen. I loved reading the blogs of people in the same season of life I was in. That little blog was my safe place throughout many tough times, and retired after having served me well for nearly 10 years. I even met my dearest friend through my blog, and fulfilled my dream of meeting her in person in 2017. Returning to blogging was always my goal, but never seemed to be accomplished.

When I found out I was expecting in 2018, I immediately wanted to blog about my pregnancy journey. What better time to revive this hobby than now? As a creative introvert at heart, blogging is perfect for me. It not only allows me to express myself in a way that’s seemingly impossible in everyday life, but it also allows for my creative juices to flow where they may: into design, typography, written word, etc.

This new home on the web is still in the beginning stages, and I can’t say I am even close to having everything figured out, but humbly, it grows through readers like you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping this desire of mine grow into something beautiful. It would be an impossible job without encouraging, incredible people like you.